Google Ads Audit

Take advantage of our 100% no obligation FREE manual Google Ads Audit and find out if your Self Storage campaigns are:

  • Properly structured – poor structured campaigns are often one of the core reasons for below par performance
  • Performing optimally – are your campaigns delivering you the highest number of available leads at the lowest possible cost?
  • Optimised regularly and properly – thorough deep optimisation ensures that your budget is working as hard as possible and not being wasted on a lot of irrelevant searches and clicks

Our 100% free no obligation audit is designed to get under the skin of your current PPC efforts and highlight what is going well and what isn’t enabling you to make changes to get the most our of your Google ads budget and fill as many empty rooms as possible instead of pouring money down the drain.


Our Google ads audit will include a review of the following:

  • Campaign structure & settings
  • Volume and quality of keywords used
  • Quality of your ad copy & ad extensions
  • Quality & relevancy scoring
  • Optimisation activity – we will review your general optimisation activity and also deep dive to check if deep level optimisation is taking place which is usually where the most performance gains are to be made.


We will provide you with a written audit report which highlights:

  • Any identified issues and the impact these are having on your campaign performance
  • An overall summary of your account performance
  • Recommendations on improvements in order to enable you to improve your return on investment

Getting Your Free Google Ads Audit


Step One

Get in touch to request your 100% FREE confidential Google audit – we will show you how to grant us temporary access.


Step Two

We will complete a full audit on your campaigns as outlined above


Step Three

We will provide you with a full report commenting on your current performance & improvement recommendations