Google Ads Quality Scores In Self Storage Campaigns

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November 20, 2014
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May 27, 2020
Quality Score Discounts

Are you trying to run effective Google Ads campaigns for your Self Storage business in order to increase your room occupancy rates?

If so, it’s important to have a good understanding of your Google Ads ‘quality score’ otherwise, you could be wasting a lot of your budget unknowingly.


Why is Quality Score so important?

Quality Score has a big impact on your pay per click which directly impacts the cost effectiveness of your campaigns. Like with your credit score, the higher your rating, the better deals you get.

It’s the same principle with your Google Ads Quality Score. A higher score means you benefit from reduced costs per click due to discounts provided by Google.


Quality Score explained

 All Keywords are given a quality score. The keywords you choose for your self storage search campaigns are each given a quality rating between 1 – 10.  1 is a poor rating and 10 is the equivalent of a big shiny gold star!

The quality and relevance of your keywords and your ad copy are some of the factors that affect your quality scoring so these need to be carefully considered.


Higher quality scores = higher ad positions & discounted costs per click!


There are a range of different metrics thought to contribute to quality scoring by Google including:

  • Your click through rate (CTR)
  • The relevancy and quality of your chosen landing pages – fast loading pages, keywords on landing page etc
  • The relevancy of your keywords to ads – the more matching the keywords are to the copy the better
  • The historical performance of your Google ad account.

It’s thought that the click through rate is given the biggest priority when measuring your quality score. It worth ensuring that your CTR’s are as high as possible – the higher your click rate, the more relevant your ads are to searchers.  The higher you score out of 10, the bigger the discount awarded.   Again, these discounts are not widely known but there are some Industry thoughts as follows:


Google Ads Quality Scores


The table above highlights that having a poor quality score will result in your clicks draining your budget and causing excessively high costs per conversion – a big no no for campaigns.


How can you improve your Google ads quality score?

There are a range of actions you can take that will contribute to a positive quality score including:


  • Keywords– ensure that you are using highly relevant and high intent keywords to ensure that you ads are appearing to relevant searchers – this will help you achieve a higher click through rate


  • Ad group themes – it is so important to ensure that your keywords are split up into tightly themed ad groups with ad copy within each ad group being written to match the keywords.


  • Split test ads – keep testing out ad copy versions over time to find some killer performing ads which will get a higher click through rate.


  • Landing page – your landing page are effectively your shop front and will make or break as to whether someone converts with you or not. From a quality score perspective, ensure your pages load fast (we all hate slow loading websites nowadays right?) and that where appropriate, your core keywords are included on the landing page where they make sense.


  • Negative keywords– ensure that on a regular basis, negative keywords lists are identified from your data and added to your negative lists – this will help minimise irrelevant search terms and therefore positively impact on your click through rate, relevancy and reduce wasted budget from low intent clicks.


We often complete account audits and commonly see low quality scores which resulting in a range of issues including:

  • A lot of avoidable budget wastage
  • Lost leads
  • Higher cost per conversion / enquiry
  • Empty storage rooms that could have been filled with new Customers


It is so important to structure your campaigns well, utilise quality keywords and ad copy and analyse and optimise your account on a regular basis.

We recommend that you take a few minutes and check your quality scores today so you are not throwing a lot of your PPC budget down the drain and missing out on new Customers.


If you need help reviewing your quality scores or would like a FREE Google ads audit, pop us a message today!

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